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What to do in Kåseberga and surounding area?

Logen Ales Stones is part of a network for the area of southern part of ÖsterlenÖsterlen Syd. Here you will find links to Galleries, Restaurants, Bed and Breakfast and much more.

Kåseberga Österlen has much to offer besides its own charm as a small fishing village with a harbor and beach and at the top of the hill Ales Stones - Stonehenge of Sweden.

If you prefer hiking begin at Ales stones and walk along Kåseberga ridge that runs along the ocean - a part of Skåneleden - read more at Skåneleden Trail.

If you dream of paragliding contact SkyAdventures which has its headquarters in Kåseberga:

Or are you interested in surfing the waves breaking close to Kåseberga - see Surflektioner.

Interested in fishing? In the season for trout fishing the sea along the entire coast of Österlen is good and especially the coast between Kåseberga and Skillinge. Read more Havsöring på Österlen.

More interested in eating the fish? Go to the harbor and the Ahl smokehouse where you can both eat and buy fresh and smoked fish and also staple foods like milk, butter and bread.

Supplement with organic vegetables from Kåseberga cultivation north of Kåseberga (best to bike or drive there).

Kåseberga Bykrog is otherwise very close to for a meal or coffee.

Curious about the surroundings? Take your bike or car along the coastal road to the east and stop at the charming Backagården where you can get refreshments in the greenhouse and buy gifts, flowers, clothes, photos and art.

Would you rather have a good meal drive a bit further and turn right towards Löderups beach and on the top of hill is a good restaurant with lovely buffets and great views of the ocean!

At Easter each year the Österlen art tour is a must for those interested: Konstrunda. In Kåseberga There are several exhibitors and even in the ground floor of the barn there is usually beautiful things to look at.